OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Feb 28 – Mar 7)

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Make OpenStack speak your language Looking for a way to contribute to OpenStack? Coding is just one of the available options. In fact, there are several non-coding activities like design, documentation, marketing and internationalization. For more details about this, go ahead and check out the how to contribute wiki page. OpenStack Upstream Training in Atlanta… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Jan 31 – Feb 7)

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Defining OpenStack “Core” Quite a lot of debates online and not around the DefCore initiative, triggered by a message by Thierry Carrez with comments from Mark McLoughlin, Nick Barcet, Troy Toman, Dan Wendlandt, Mark Collier, Tim Bell, Eric Windisch, Boris Renski, Pete Chadwik, Randy Bias, and others. StoryBoard sprint in Brussels StoryBoard is a project… Read more »

OpenStack T-Shirt Design Contest

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It’s a new year and we’re looking for a new design to grace OpenStack’s T-Shirts. Here’s your chance to show us your creative talent and submit an original design for our 2014 OpenStack T-shirt Design Contest! If you’d like to participate simply send a sketch of your design to [email protected] Deadline: March 15, 2014 The winning… Read more »

OpenStack 2014: Powered by Users

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If momentum is any indication, 2014 is poised to be a defining year for OpenStack. All of our vital statistics, from community growth to code commits and tracked deployments, doubled in 2013, and all signs point to continued growth. Still, we continue to hear the questions: Who’s really driving OpenStack? Are there too many cooks… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Jan 17 – 24)

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Icehouse-2 development milestone available The second milestone of the Icehouse development cycle, “icehouse-2″ is now available for Keystone, Glance, Nova, Horizon, Neutron, Cinder, Ceilometer, Heat, and Trove. Including the oslo libraries, “only” 50 blueprints were implemented and about 650 bugs were fixed during this milestone, which is slightly less than our usual velocity at that… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Jan 10 – 17)

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Election Results for Individual and Gold Directors Each January two of the Foundation member classes hold elections to determine their Board representatives for 2014. The Gold Members held their election on January 6th-7th while Individual Members elected their Directors between Jan 12th-17th. Today the 2014 election of Individual Directors has closed and the official results… Read more »