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OpenStack and Friends at SCALE 11x

The Foundation had a great time meeting friends old and new as a Silver sponsor of this year’s Southern California Linux Expo in Los Angeles February 22-24.

We thank Christopher MacGown, Founder and Chief Scientist at Piston Cloud, whose standing-room-only, The Tao of OpenStack, talk was one of the hottest of the show.  Thank you also to Community Hero, Stephon Striplin, from DreamHost and OpenStack LA User Group co-organizer, who helped staff our busy booth alongside Foundation Community Manager Stefano Maffulli and Event Planner Kathy Cacciatore.

One of our favorite activities was the in-booth happy hour with besties Opscode and Rackspace – 2 kegs of Sierra Nevada and 12 bowls of chips happily consumed!  Check out the pics….

Rackspace and other new friends

Rackspace and other new friends

OpenStack Opscode and Rackspace happy hour pours with Tim Bell on screen

OpenStack Opscode and Rackspace happy hour pours with Tim Bell on screen

Opscode staff at happy hour

Opscode staff at happy hour

Christopher MacGown after his SRO Tao of OpenStack session

Christopher MacGown after his SRO Tao of OpenStack session

Stefano Maffulli and SCALE Poker Player

Stefano Maffulli and SCALE Poker Player

Here are the stats:

  • Over 2,300 attendees, 100 exhibitors and 90 speakers
  • 68 VIP badges scanned – Very Interested People of OpenStack cloud software
  • 250 Free as in Beer, Speech & Love t-shirts, 200 pieces of collateral, 150 stickers and 200 OpenStack LA User Group handouts given away.
  • Honorable mention for award for Favorite Clothing Item – our t-shirt came with the beer!

OpenStack track in Cologne, Germany

Mark your calendars for the OpenStack track at the PythonCamp 2013  in Cologne on Saturday, 04-May-2013!

The schedule is still being finalized but possible topics include

  • OpenStack introduction and updates from the summit
  • Introduction to HEAT

Also, if you would like to speak at this event please email us at os-track-cgn at lbox dot cc


OpenStack at 2013 – Videos posted and some pics

I know it was just over a month ago and I apologize for being dreadfully late to blog it, but I just thought I’d post up a few pics of LCA2013 and links to the videos of the talks.

Here’s the full list of talks from LCA2013:
… and all the OpenStack ones (that I can find in that list), from both the miniconf and the main track.
This is a significant tally of content given there was exactly 1 OpenStack talk at LCA2012! (go Monty!)My thanks to the many attendees and especially the speakers, many of whom travelled a long way to Canberra for the event. Thanks to the Foundation and especially Kathy Cacciatore for the main conf sponsorship that also allowed us to give out the best t-shirts ever from Thanks also to Susan Derrick at HP, Florian Haas at Hastexo, Tim Serong at SUSE and Katrina Clauscen at Aptira for sponsoring the “Cloud Hour” happy hour.With amazing keynotes from the likes of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Radia Perlman and Bunnie Huang and a wealth of incredibly diverse and deep technical content, if you’ve not been to LCA before, go next year! We will be back with what will be sure to be an even bigger OpenStack miniconf.


2nd Swiss OpenStack User Group

Following on from our 1st meeting, the Swiss OpenStack user group gathered on 19th February at the SWITCH offices in Zurich.

With more people volunteering to give talks than we had time for, the user group had voted their selections for the packed agenda. The main 3 talks covered 30 minutes each and 10 minute (or so) slots for lightning talks.

Over 60 people attended and the room was full with standing room only. Photos of the event are available here. Recording of the sessions is available at

OpenStack HA – Florian Haas, Hastexo


Florian started us off with a rapid overview of approaches for high availability in OpenStack. While the talk was ‘insanely short’, he explained the different types of components in OpenStack deployment and how to make these redundant. The talk is the base for the open that is proposed for the summit in Portland during April so those attending can vote to hear it there.

High availability implementations of MySQL, AMQP and API services were presented based on the Pacemaker suite which while it is not the most user friendly of packages, has become the defacto standard for these implementations. The good news is that the OpenStack implementations can be performed by copy/paste of reference configurations or using Puppet/Chef manifests.

High availability of guests has been a topic for intense discussion at past summits. The cloud providers based on scale out application architectures do not need these features but the providers running enterprise workloads would like functionality such as ‘restart this VM on a different hypervisor if the hypervisor goes down’. While there were some tricks in Folsom which could be used, in Grizzly there is now a ‘node evacuate’ function which performs this operation when the hypervisor is down. Some scripting is still required though as this is not automatic and the choice needs to be made between using nova migrate (if the hypervisor is running) and nova evacuate (if it is down). More work expected in the Havana release…

A couple of features may make the cut before the feature freeze for Grizzly next week. VM ensembles ensures guests providing redundancy are put on different hypervisors to avoid single points of failure.  Libvirt watchdog support will restart VMs if they are blocked.

Ceilometer – Lucas Graf, Toni Zehnder – ICCLab


When OpenStack was started, there was no billing functionality included. Ceilometer has been developed over the past year to perform metering (who is using what) and is being gradually extended to cover monitoring (what is working and how hard is it working).

With the Grizzly release, ceilometer will be incubated and integrated into the Horizon dashboard. A number of projects such as healthnmon and synaps are aligning their architectures to benefit from ceilometer and avoid gathering this data more than once. In the Havana release, monitoring will be included including a hardware collector developed by ICCLab to cover IPMI and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring.

It was particularly impressive to see the two presenters who have only been working on OpenStack for 4 months contributing to the community and mastering the topics, despite that the beer and pizza arrived during their talk (thanks to ICCLab and Rackspace)

Heat – Muharem Hrnjadovic – Rackspace


Muharem presented Heat, the orchestration component in OpenStack which is currently in inclubation in the Grizzly release. This provides a template system for creating applications similar to Amazon CloudFormations where you describe the different components of the application, define which parts can be scaled up or down and deploy to an OpenStack cloud.

Although Heat has only been developed during the past year, Muharem demonstrated its stability by running a live demo, creating a wordpress site smoothly.

OpenStack on OpenStack – Paul Voccio – Rackspace


Rackspace needed an easy way to spin up new OpenStack instances for development, test and production. To do this, they run OpenStack instances on top of OpenStack! Cutting an initial golden image, using load balancers to retire old instances and bring online new ones, they’re using approaches pioneered in web application development and applying them to infrastructure.

Snabb Switch – Luke Gorrie

Luke gave a talk without slides covering the motivations behind developing Snabb Switch ( Snabb Switch provides an ethernet switch in user space, built on Open Source and implemented outside of the kernel which leads to improved performance and ease of implementation (much of it is written in Lua). The switch itself can therefore be easily extended in a similar way to writing macros for editors.

Cloud Foundry – Christof Marti


The current status of the Cloud Foundry PaaS was presented covering frameworks such as Rails, Spring and Java along with services such as MySQL and MQ. The applications can be deployed on multiple cloud providers. Recently, OpenStack   was added to these by Piston Labs.

Christof did manage the impressive task of explaining the architecture of cloud foundry in the dark as the automatic lighting and power controls for the conference room turned off in the middle of his talk. When the power returned, Marti took us through the different deployment models for 1 to 5,000 VMs.

Wrap Up

We’re reserving the domain for the Swiss user group for further communications and plan for the next meeting in around two months. For those who want to discuss before then, the mailing list at is available.

Other upcoming events include a talk on OpenShift on March 13, /ch/open are organising swiss open cloud meeting on June 11th and a Swiss cloud special interest group is being formed.

It was great to see the enthusiasm continue amongst the attendees and many thanks to SWITCH for hosting, Rackspace for the pizza and ICCLab for the beer.

For those interested in joining the OpenStack User Group channels.





General information about the group


OpenStack at FOSDEM’13

OpenStack will be showing a strong presence at FOSDEM 13, the largest gathering of free and open source developers in Europe.  There will be a number of talks in the Cloud devroom in the Chavanne auditorium on Sunday, February 3rd and in other places:

There will also be OpenStack mentions in various other talks during the day: Martyn Taylor should demonstrate OpenStack Horizon in conjunction with Aeolus Image Factory at 13:30, and Vangelis Koukis will present Synnefo, which provides OpenStack APIs, at 14:00.

On Saturday, Feb 2nd in room H.1309, at 11:50 James Page will talk aboutAutomating OpenStack Testing on Ubuntu, first hand experience from Ubuntu about testing on hardware every upstream commit. Hope to see many of you there.

Vietnam OpenStack Community 2nd Meeting

Following the success of the first Vietnam OpenStack Community (VietOpenStack) meetup, the second meeting has been held at Marcel Dassault amphitheater, Francophone Institute for Informatics (IFI-VNU) on 4th January, 2013. There were approx. 50 people attending this event. We warmly welcomed:

  • Representatives from IT Business Management level: Mr. Nguyen Huc Quoc – Director of e-government center, Department of Information and Technology, Ministry of Information and Technology, Mr. Nguyen Hong Quang – Chairman of Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association (VFOSSA), Mr. Nguyen The Trung – Managing Director of DTT Technology Group (DTT), Mr. Do Hoang Khanh – Former CTO of Citibank Global, a senior expert on IT of DTT, Mr. Tran Luong Son – Director of Vietsoftware, Mr. Le Phuoc Thanh – Managing Director of VidaGis…
  • Representatives from ICT companies: Vietsoftware, Netnam, iWay, VidaGis, Viami Software, DTT …
  • Members of VietOpenStack start-up team: Translation sub-team, Technical sub-team…
  • Teachers and students from technology university: Francophone Institute for Informatics (VNU-IFI), Hanoi University of Industry (HaIU), Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)…

The 2nd VietOpenStack meetup took place in a friendly, enthusiastic and full-of-energy atmosphere and the “Open” spirit was clearly shown in every presentation and discussion of the participants. Starting the show, Mr. Nguyen The Trung, Managing Director of DTT introduced the agenda of VietOpenStack Meetup 2 and special guests.

Mr. Nguyen The Trung, Managing Director of DTT, introduced VietOpenStack Meetup 2 agenda.

Main contents of 2nd Meeting include:

  1. OpenStack Demo
  2. Translation of OpenStack Documents
  3. OpenStack experience sharing of an IT expert
  4. Q&A and future plan

 1.  OpenStack Demo

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai from Netnam introduced his company as one of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) company providing internet and network services. He then conducted a demonstration on OpenStack installing model.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hai from Netnam demonstrated OpenStack installing model

2. Discussion on OpenStack Translation

Ms. Le Phuong Nga, member of OpenStack Translation team from DTT, started her presentation by introducing all members of the OpenStack translation and reviewing teams. She then briefed on recent team activities and translation progress in which Vietnam has completed 9% of the translation work. She also raised some translated related issues while her team doing the translation to the community, such as difficulty in getting the translated work reviewed by the reviewing team.

Ms. Lê Phương Nga, member of OpenStack Translation team from DTT, with her presentation on OpenStack translation.

3. OpenStack experience from a senior IT expert

Mr. Do Hoang Khanh, former CTO of CitiBank Global and a 30 year experience IT consultant of DTT Technology Group, is a person who is passionate about open source movement. He also attended the OpenStack Summit last October in San Diego. He shared with the participants his personal experiences and knowledge on OpenStack. What a touching presentation he has given for this meetup event!

Mr. Do Hoang Khanh, former CTO of CitiBank Global and a senior IT consultant of DTT Technology Group, sharing his experience on OpenStack.

4. Q&A and future plan

Although there were some questions and answers during the whole meeting, group discussion really started when beers and snacks, sponsored by DTT, were served to the attendants. People drank and shared more openly on OpenStack and opportunities it could bring to ICT companies in Vietnam. Everyone was eager for the next meetup, which is tentatively to be held in Ho Chi Minh city. And yes, discussion for Meeting 3 is on the mailing list now. It will be announced very soon :-)

We especially thank Mr. Nguyen Hong Quang, Chairman of VFOSSA and his team for being so supportive in organizing the meetup place. Great hospitalities has made to the success of VietOpenStack Meeting 2.

It’s time for meetup dinner

5. VietOpenStack contact details:


Save the Date – OpenStack Summit Spring 2013

It’s official – the Spring 2013 OpenStack Summit will be held in Portland, April 15-18, at the Oregon Convention Center.  

We’re expecting 2000 OpenStack users, prospective users, ecosystem members and developers to attend the Spring Summit. As usual, we’ll have a variety of content and tracks, ranging from compelling user stories and technical deep dives to the business case for OpenStack and hands-on workshops. If you’d like to submit a presentation, panel or workshop, the call for speakers is now open and will close February 15.  If you are interested in submitting a session for the Design Summit, which is a special track planning the development work to be implemented in the “H” release, there will be a separate system opening closer to the Grizzly feature freeze and closing after the Grizzly release in April.

Summit attendees will again vote on speaking submissions to help determine which presentations are the best fit for our Spring Summit. We’ll also have subject matter experts serving as track chairs to make sure all of our audiences are well-served.  The voting system will open on February 18, with the goal of locking the agenda by March 11.

Having a presence at the OpenStack Summit is a great way to get your company in front of the OpenStack community. The call for sponsorships will open January 14, and there are four available levels of Sponsorship: Headline, Premier, Event, and Startup.  Sponsorships are sold on a first come, first served basis once the agreement is posted January 14.  In the meantime please view detailed information in the Sponsorship Prospectus.

Event registration and discount hotel rates will be available the week of January 14, so stay tuned and check back for updates.

For an idea of what to expect, check out our recap video from the Fall 2012 OpenStack Summit that was held in San Diego.

We eagerly anticipate the Spring 2013 Summit will be the most dynamic one yet. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend – we look forward to seeing you in Portland!

2nd Swiss OpenStack Meetup

We (ICCLab and ZHGeeks) are pleased to announce the 2nd Swiss OpenStack Meetup. It will happen on the 19th of February in Zurich at ETH. If you’re keen and interested in attending then please register here.

If you are interested in giving a talk then do give a shout out at the meetup site or simply message @OpenStackCH on twitter. Currently there are talks planned for:

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Event Report: OpenStack Day, Bangalore, India

On past Saturday, 15th December OpenStack India organized a one day event in Bangalore.

The event was attended by over 120 people from varied domains.

We started our session with Mark Collier video presentation in which he spoke about OpenStack project and about the foundation. The video is available on youtube as well OpenStack Introductory video

Next we had Tristan Goode from Aptira spoke about the Global Impact of OpenStack. The talk was interesting with some thoughts added as how whole OpenStack project has changed the cloud computing market.

Anand Palanisamy from PayPal gave an overview how they are using OpenStack in production with tool set and stack. There were many interesting questions asked regarding there production environment.

Ritesh Nanda from Ericsson was next and he presented how they are using OpenStack in telecommunication domain.


Barath Ram G from HP spoke about “Nova for Physicalization and Virtualization compute models”  He gave various insight on the upcoming features in nova with Grizzly release.

During lunch we also played dope&stack which was cheered by the crowd and we ended up playing it in loop for almost 20 mins during lunch. :)

Divyanshu Verma from DELL spoke about OpenStack and business of cloud. He provided some used case and insight with how educational institution can use cloud.


Krishnan Subramanian from Rishidot research presented “The importance of OpenStack – An Outsider Perspective”

Prakash Advani from Canonical spoke about OpenStack and Ubuntu.

Lastly we had panel discussion and as per Krishnan suggestion we had some spicy question for all our panelists.

We donated the collected registration money to Akshayapatra foundation and we been told the money we collected will feed 30 children via there NGO initiative for a year.

Also thanks to Aptira, OpenStack Foundation and Rackspace helping us with sponsorship.

All the slides for the event is available on Slideshare  , Our upcoming events are already listed on meetup page  and twitter will carry other interesting announcements we have lined up. :)

OpenStack in action 3! The Open Revolution / Paris, November 29th, 2012

On Thursday November 29th, eNovance has organized the 3rd edition of the « OpenStack in action ! » event in Paris. The day was intense and we had great speakers coming from all around the world to talk about OpenStack.

The majority of the 200 attendees was of course french but people came from 15 different countries to see speakers such as Mark Collier and Thierry Carrez, from the OpenStack foundation who explained the foundation priorities for 2013 and told us more about the technical committee; Rick Clark, from Cisco who underlined the importance of open source and its strengths, Adolfo Brandes, flying from Brazil to encourage companies to work efficiently on open source softwares thanks to Upstream University

This edition showed how OpenStack is gaining interest and is growing in Europe at a fast pace.

European companies and entities were widely represented, among them: Stackops (Spain), Hastexo (Austria), the CERN (Switzerland), eNovance and Cloudwatt (France)…

Arturo Suarez from Stackops showed us interesting metrics on Cloud adoption in Europe and why OpenStack is a land of opportunities for doing business in the region.

Florian Haas (Hastexo) and James Duncan (Inktank) told us more about Ceph, the new yet very promising technology for storage and its integration on OpenStack.

Jan van Eldik, came to present the “already famous” CERN’s case study and explained why they chose an OpenStack Private Cloud (and a big one!) for their infrastructure…and, they have the ambition to ramp this infrastructure to 1500 hypervisors and between 100 000 and 300 000 VMs by 2015!

Cloudwatt, the new French company also chose OpenStack to build a massive Public Cloud in France. eNovance is helping them design and build their infrastructure.

Cloudwatt has a capital of 225 million euros and its goals are clear and ambitious : build a European Cloud that will be able to compete with american giants such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google…. France has never seen projects of this magnitude and the French government has clearly showed its engagement to promote the execution of this important project of common European interest (the French government invested 75 million euros in Cloudwatt). eNovance and Cloudwatt, both French sponsors of the OpenStack foundation showed how OpenStack allows service providers to be aggressive in terms of pricing on the very competitive IaaS market and are deeply committed in showing the way to OpenStack adoption in Europe.

All the companies that are involved in OpenStack underlined the importance of developing the community, multiplying the contributors and sharing the work in order to keep this fast pace of development and add new great features to OpenStack every 6 months.

Thanks to the HR investments several contributing companies made to work on OpenStack, we can see now that Quantum (network) is already a core project in the Folsom release and Ceilometer (metering) has been accepted in incubation in the future Grizzly release.

We were also please to welcome “newcomers” for this 3rd edition: HP, Suse, NetApp and IBM came to talk about their different contributions to the project and to explain why and how they are integrating their services on OpenStack. Whether we are talking about huge OpenStack based public clouds or different services related to storage or distributions, the presence of these companies gave a brand new scope to the visibility of OpenStack in France and Europe.

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