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[Webinar] OpenStack Development: The Infrastructure Behind the Infrastructure Wed, July 10

Join Jim Blair, OpenStack core infrastructure engineer, for a 60-minute behind the scenes discussion about the unique tools and processes that handle up to 200 contributions an hour for one of the fastest-growing open-source cloud projects, OpenStack. Jim’s talk is one in a series of O’Reilly webinars covering the open source world leading up to OSCON. Don’t miss it!

When: Wednesday, July 10, 2013; 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET
What you’ll learn:
  • how the OpenStack Core infrastructure team developed tools to handle increasing contribution activities
  • what benefits occurred after these processes were put in place
  • how you can access and use the innovations from these open source tools in your own environments

OpenStack at EuropPython 2013

OpenStack was well represented at the EuropPython conference in Florence this year. We had a full-day OpenStack track on Tuesday and number of related talks spread across the week. Furthermore, 3 platinum members of the OpenStack Foundation — HP, Rackspace and Red Hat — sponsored the event.

The OpenStack track consisted of 4 talks in the morning and a hands-on training session in the afternoon. Over 800 Pythonistas had the chance to hear about the OpenStack project and community as well as Swift and Marconi. There are recordings of the sessions on the official Europython YouTube channel:

The training session combined talks and exercises allowing 40 Python hackers to try out an OpenStack cloud and gain practical knowledge with Nova, Swift and Keystone.

The OpenStack booth drew a lot of interest and the OpenStack t-shirts were a big hit. The OpenStack volunteers were also busy keeping the job board on topic and explaining that the postings are specific to OpenStack: it seems hard to believe that there are so many open positions on one single Python project.

Hong Kong Summit – Registration, Call for Speakers & Sponsors Now Open!

在全体大会中将提供英文至中文之即时翻译。 要得到更多信息, 请查阅注册信息页

The OpenStack Summit is coming to Hong Kong, November 5-8, 2013. Visit for all the details.

The Summit is a four-day conference for OpenStack contributors, enterprise users, service providers, application developers and ecosystem members.  Attendees can expect visionary keynote speakers, 150+ breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, collaborative design sessions and lots of networking over the four days. Keynote sessions will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Design Summit, a special track for active technical contributors to plan the next software release, will span all four days.

Early Bird Registration is now open. We are expecting 4000-5000 people to attend the Summit in November, so for the first time we’re offering TWO types of passes.  In addition to the usual “Full Access” pass, we’re adding a “General Session & Expo” pass that’s only $150 (early bird price) to help introduce even more people to OpenStack. Restrictions apply to the lower priced pass, so please review the details before selecting a ticket.  Act quickly to save $400 USD on the Full Access Passes, as prices will increase starting October 5, 2013.

The call for speakers is now open! Hurry, the deadline for submissions is July 31. All speaking proposals will be posted for public vote in August, and speakers will be notified mid-September. If your session is selected you will be provided with a free code to register for the Summit. Based on speaker feedback from the previous Summit, we’ve improved the system so that a session proposal can now contain multiple speakers. If you plan to co-present a topic or panel, be sure to list all planned speakers.

Sponsoring the OpenStack Summit is a great way to gain exposure and support the open source community. If you are interested in supporting the Summit and would like to have a presence in our expo hall – the sponsorship agreement is now ready to sign HERE. Please fully read the Sponsorship Prospectus before signing the sponsorship agreement.  Sponsorships are limited, and sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. We appreciate your support!

The Summit will take place at Asia World-Expo, a large convention center near the airport with connecting SkyCity Marriott hotel. The Airport Express train stops within Asia World-Expo, making it convenient to access from most parts of Hong Kong.

Travel & Accommodations:
Official hotel room blocks are currently available at three hotels. We also offer a list of recommended budget-friendly hotels. Regardless of where you book, we recommend staying near the train line. Please check the VISA information page and FAQ for more information about your travel plans. We encourage you to book early!

Translation from English to Mandarin will be offered in the General Session, which runs Tuesday and Wednesday.

Active Technical Contributors:
All Active Technical Contributors (ATCs) who contributed to the Grizzly release or Havana release prior to September 6, 2013 will receive a free registration code for a Full Access Pass to the Summit. Please check your inbox before you register. If you would like to be designated as “ATC” on your name badge, please use *the same email address that is tied to your Gerrit ID* when registering for the Summit on EventBrite.

Refunds & Transfers:
Registration refunds and transfers will be granted through October 25, 2013 – after this time no refunds or transfers can be made. To request a refund or transfer email [email protected]

Follow @openstack on Twitter for more updates.

Enter OpenStack’s T-shirt Design Contest!


Show us your creative talent & submit an original design for our
2013 OpenStack T-shirt Design Contest!

  • Winning design will be announced the last week in August 2013
  • Original artwork will be showcased on T-shirts given out at LinuxCon Cloud Open in New Orleans, September 16-18, 2013 as well as future events worldwide
  • Creator of the winning design will receive attribution on the T-shirt and public recognition on OpenStack’s website
  • Submissions will be accepted through August 1, 2013
  • Email submissions to [email protected] -  Subject: OpenStack T-Shirt Contest

For reference, view current OpenStack T-shirt designs HERE.

Submitting an entry:

  • Please make file Actual Size in inches (up to 10″ x 10″)
  • Digital art entries only; high-resolution (300 dpi) layered .psd/.eps/.tif (Photoshop) file or .ai/.eps Vector Files (Illustrator) are preferred
  • Do NOT send Microsoft Office files or Low- Resolution Files
  • There should be no embedded bitmap images (jpg, tif, bmp)
  • Colors should be spot with no half-tones
  • Convert and group all fonts to outlines
  • Please notate the preferred T-shirt color for printing
  • Please provide a jpg/png/screenshot of the completed artwork to act as a proof for your submission files.
  • Email submissions to [email protected] Subject: OpenStack T-Shirt Contest
  • Submissions will be accepted through August 1, 2013
  • Note: If you have any questions about how to properly submit your file, please contact email questions to [email protected] Subject: T-Shirt Contest Help


  • The design must be your own original, unpublished work and must not include any third-party logos or copyrighted material; by entering the competition, you agree that your submission is your own work
  • Design should be one that appeals to the majority of the OpenStack developer community
  • Deign may include line art, text, and photographs
  • Your design is for the front of the shirt and may encompass an area up to 10″ x 10″ (inches)
  • Design may use a maximum of three colors

The Fine Print

  • Maximum of one entry per person.
  • Must be original art. Content found on the internet rarely has the resolution needed for print and is often considered unlawful to use without permission
  • Submissions will be screened by the OpenStack Foundation for merit and feasibility
  • The OpenStack Foundation marketing staff will select the contest winner
  • The OpenStack Foundation reserves the right to make changes to the winning design before printing, including changes in image size or ink color or t-shirt color.
  • By submitting your design, you grant permission for your design to be used by the OpenStack Foundation including, but not limited to, the OpenStack website, the 2013 OpenStack Cloud Open T-shirt, and future marketing materials
  • The OpenStack Foundation reserves the right to final decision
  • The creator of the winning design will receive attribution on the T-shirt and public recognition on the OpenStack website

Discussions at Breakfast with the Board – OpenStack April 2013 Summit

It is an exciting time to be part of the OpenStack community.  It was a great conference with lots of momentum around OpenStack.  The speed and growth of the community is amazing.

Tuesday morning during the Summit, we continued the tradition of Breakfast With The Board (BwtB).  We wish to thank all who participated.  As board members we very much appreciated your comments of support, feedback and ideas.  We heard many positive and encouraging comments  and participated in many lively discussions.

Through this writeup we would like to share what we heard.   There was a wide variety of topics discussed, including:

Summit Design Session Growing Pains
Despite a variety of changes tested and introduced over the past Summits, accommodating all who wish to participate in the Summit design sessions continue to exhibit growing pains.  The design sessions are “intended to be small, focused developer working sessions where the roadmap is set by active contributors on the project.”  With such a description it is easy to see why so many business persons, users, and developers want to participate or listen in. Yet the fear is that a varied large audience will decrease session output.

Many ideas were voiced at the BwtB as to how to address the issue, including room moderators, attendee prioritization, seating arrangements and session segregation.

“Scotty we need more power er WIFI”
While the conference survey will prioritize on  what items will be most relevant to improve for the next Summit, one of the vocal suggestion at the BwtB was the never ending need for more WIFI.  We techies live on WIFI.

Who the heck is…
Leading the list for reasons to attend the Summit is to simply meet people we work with on IRC and other community channels.  A simple suggestion was made that we add IRC nicks in a nice big font to the front and back of the conference badges. 50% of the time you see the back of someone’s badge and don’t know who they are.

Traveling to the Fall Summit
For those traveling to the fall Summit from the North America, concerns over prohibitive travel costs was raised.  Determining a Summit location is made up of many different factors.  Cost of travel being one.    A Summit location effects attendance, whether it be in Portland or Hong Kong.  Balancing that cost can be tricky.   The planning committee investigations concluded that attendees will find that the travel rates will not be the feared prohibitive if they do some research and book early.

Driving Priorities
Several discussions evolved around the idea of how customer priorities are injected into each projects focus and features. Typically in a corporate development model such interests are captured and formulated into the development model through Product Owners (PO) or Product Managers (PM).  How does this map to the OpenStack model?  Which is easily generalized to how does this map to the open source world?

At the BwtB, several of the discussions converged on the notion of contribution.  Contribution either in the form of code, leadership or voice.  One company simply cannot pretend to make choices for resources in another company. At most you can find other resources from a  company which share a problem you are helping describe and therefore solve.

A familiar saying in the open source world is “scratch the itch”.  It is this saying which has driven open source developers for years.  If you find a need that nothing out there can meet, write a solution yourself or better yet voice the need to help find those who share in the need and write a solution together contributing in ways that leverage your experience and expertise or providing support to those who can contribute for you.

Big Vision
Also discussed at the BwtB was the notion of having the TC play more of a role across the various projects, for things like security and API versioning, aligning and setting direction across the groups. Citing the need for the TC (or someone at least) to give more cross project consideration for:
API compatibility and consistency
architectural consistency
Input from Users to guide our path

Align the Doc
Opinions voiced concerns that the documentation lags the implementations.  So how do we  make the OpenStack documentation more up-to-date and improve quality and timelines?  That was the question raised by attendees at the BwtB.  Offered suggestions included a requirement for documentation changes to be checked in concurrent with the code, rather than just setting a flag that the doc’s might be effected.

What comprises OpenStack?
A couple of tables discussed the current progress around the current Core/Integrated/Incubated framework with input on moving forward; people seem to prefer the kernel/drivers analogy. There is confusion regarding the new approach to core-integrated-incubation,  what the differences are, who gets seats on the TC, etc.  Early and continued discussions at Technical Committee and Board on this are important for next phases of the effort. It is important  to ensure that the TC and Board sign off on all steps with formal statements by the foundation when we arrive at any and all conclusions.

There is a lot of interop interest. Folks at the BwtB seemed to be mostly happy with the refstack approach. They voiced opinions about whether API-based interop or same-codebase interop is appropriate in various projects and for having verification teams for plug-ins.

Marketing OpenStack
Where does OpenStack as the data center operating system model go?  How to support that?  Marketing discussions ranged across several of the tables.  Including a conversation at one of the tables  on how to best explain OpenStack to CIO/IT Directors. Participants in the discussion felt that the video overviews available on the OpenStack website as well as the user stories presented at the Summit Keynotes were of great help.

Others pondered why FUD is generated by open source competition with a  lack of sense of those for who their competition really should be (proprietary software).

And others voiced concern over perceptions around OpenStack.  These perceptions include, complexity, talent shortages, security gaps and that it takes too many people to run OpenStack.  Such perceptions create a barrier to adoption.

The Board at its February meeting, launch a committee to improve transparency and foster collaboration between the foundation members and members of the board, technical committee, user committee and other committees.  Members of the committee took the opportunity to discuss, at their tables, the committee ideas and efforts.  Everyone is all for transparency and seeking a balance between transparency and compromising the strategic position of the project was accepted as an important consideration. The ombudsman and staggered release were seen as valid solutions.

Attendees also voiced the importance for direct participation within project processes.  It is important that the TC and board to listen to what the project have to say.

The Board at its February meeting also launched an effort to improve the Individual member election process.  The board members engaged in this effort took the opportunity to gather feedback at the BwtB on the ideas and efforts underway.  Many were pleased that a schedule for implementation of changes is being set and were pleased with the efforts so far.

As you can see there was a wide range of topics raised and discussed.  Each of which could be worthy of a full writeup on its own. As a board we appreciate the input.  We will delve into the issues further and will use this input to guide the prioritization of our efforts.  So again thank you for your participation. We look forward to the next BwtB at the fall Summit.


OpenStack Board of Directors

Germany, Israel & Hungary – OpenStack Events

Jonathan Bryce and a few members of the OpenStack Foundation team will be heading to Europe later this month to attend three key regional events. Jonathan and other noteworthy members of the OpenStack community will be speaking at each event. If you are in the area and would like to learn more about OpenStack or network with others in the community – please plan to attend!

Help us spread the word, and we hope to see you there!

Berlin, Germany – Friday, May 24

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 11.20.29 AM

OpenStack DACH Day 2013 will provide attendees with first­hand insights from OpenStack developers and enterprises that are successfully using OpenStack in production environments for both private and public clouds. The lineup includes speakers from industry leaders including:

  • Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Foundation
  • Kurt Garloff, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Monty Taylor, HP
  • Bernhard Wiedemann & Sascha Peilicke, SUSE
  • Muharem Hrnjadovic, Rackspace Cloud
  • Dr. Wolfgang Schulze, Inktank
  • Tobias Riedel, Netways
  • Dr. Udo Seidel, Amadeus Data Processing

Register to Attend:

  • When: Friday, May 24, 2013
  • Where: Berlin Fairgrounds (Messegelände unter dem Funkturm), Hall 7, as part of LinuxTag
  • Tickets: Registration is free, and there 200 tickets available at

Tel Aviv, Israel – Monday, May 27

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.51.04 AM

Join the OpenStack community for the third OpenStack Israel event, co-organized by OpenStack community supporters IGTCloud and GigaSpaces. The event is sponsored by the OpenStack Foundation and includes speakers from across the OpenStack community. Hear about OpenStack’s newest Grizzly release from the source, deep-dive into the Quantum network, learn about the new Cinder storage, hear what others are doing with OpenStack technology with real-life case studies from Intel, Liveperson and Alcatel, and meet the top industry leaders from IBM, HP, Rackspace, RedHat, GigaSpaces, DreamHost, Radware, Ravello, Mirantis, Cloudsoft and Hastexo.

Register to Attend:

  • When: Monday, May 27, 2013
  • Where: Herzilya Arts Center at 15 Jabotinsky Street in Herzilya, Israel
  • Tickets: Registration is free, but there are only 300 tickets available, so register quickly!

Budapest, Hungary – Wednesday, May 29

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.50.39 AM

Join us for OpenStack CEE Day – a large-scale one day user conference for the Central & Eastern European region. Attendees will get insights to OpenStack from industry-leading keynote speakers, as well as user case studies, workshops and deep dive sessions. The OpenStack CEE Day welcomes users, prospective users, ecosystem members, partners, developers and everyone who is excited about OpenStack’s open source cloud innovation.

Register to Attend:


Check out the latest hastexo blog post about each of these events – It’s May. It must be OpenStack Month! 

Follow @OpenStack on Twitter for the latest news.

Women of OpenStack at the Portland Summit

Keeping in step with the rapid growth in the OpenStack community, the Women of OpenStack presence at the Summit has grown significantly as well – over 200 women registered. Upon arriving at the Summit in Portland women were welcomed with specially designed lady’s-cut red hoodies, an invitation to attend a networking breakfast, and an open platform to share knowledge and ideas for how to get more women involved in the OpenStack community.

Over 70 women attended the networking breakfast hosted by the OpenStack Foundation and lead by community leader, Anne Gentle.  During the breakfast Anne was surprised to be recognized by the Foundation with the creation of the Anne Gentle Travel Scholarship for Women named in her honor. The scholarship will continue to fund travel for women to attend future OpenStack Summits. The initial use supported three OpenStack interns who attended the Portland Summit – Laura Alves and Victoria Martinez de la Cruz from Argentina and Anita Kuno from Canada. Learn more about the Outreach Program for Women here.

To watch a glimpse of the Women of OpenStack who attended the Summit, check out this video, Getting More Women Involved in OpenStack, filmed by Rackspace Videographer, Jacob Forbis.

To get involved yourself – join the Women of OpenStack group on LinkedIn today!

Group Shot of those who attended the Breakfast for Women

Group Shot of those who attended the Breakfast for Women

Anne Gentle is recognized with a Travel Scholarship for Women named in her honor

Anne Gentle is recognized with a Travel Scholarship for Women named in her honor

GNOME Interns: Laura Alves Anita Kuno Victoria Martínez de la Cruz

GNOME Interns:
Laura Alves
Anita Kuno
Victoria Martínez de la Cruz

Red hoodies given out at the Summit were specifically designed for women - based on feedback from the previous Summit

Red hoodies given out at the Summit were specifically designed for women – based on feedback from the previous Summit

3rd Swiss OpenStack User Group Meetup

chosugWere back again and this time we’ll be holding the next meetup in Bern. Things will start on Wed 24th of April at 1800 and run until 2000.

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in giving a talk related to OpenStack then shout out at the meetup site or simply message @OpenStackCH on twitter.  Otherwise, stay tuned for the line up of speakers.

The kind folks at SwiNG will be sponsoring beverages and the equally as kind Red Hat people will have your stomach full with pizza!

The venue details are as follows: Room 206, 2nd floor East, Universität Bern, Hochschulstrasse 4.

The registration page for the event can be found on our new page.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

OpenStack hits World Hosting Days 2013 in Germany!

The buzz around OpenStack among the leading service providers in Europe was undeniable at the annual conference in Germany as exciting conversations took place at the OpenStack booth as well as onstage.

Kurt Garloff, VP of Engineering, Cloud Services for Deutsche Telekom, took the stage to talk about how DT has built their TelekomCloud Business Marketplace, a marketplace for SaaS solutions targeted at small and medium business (SMB), on top of the OpenStack cloud platform.

Folks from OpenStack companies such as StackOps, eNovance, Canonical and Rackspace met with hundreds of interested delegates at the booth over 3 days to share their expertise and answer questions.

Arturo Suarez Martin from StackOps and Sebastien Han from eNovance are the Booth MVPs (Most Valuable Persons) for this event. The OpenStack Foundation thanks ALL of our event volunteers for contributing their valuable time and expertise including Nick Barcet from eNovance; Lee Bonham, Ramon Acedo, and Bryan Beal from Canonical; Markus Mattman, Steve Helvie, Mo Das and Alexander Sommer from Rackspace; and independent event planner Marianna Raffaele.

And Dell made an announcement at WHD! They announced they’re partnering with Canonical to deliver and support Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution with Ubuntu in the UK, Germany and China. Executives from both companies took the stage for a panel discussion outlining their vision for the partnership and the advantages of a Dell/Ubuntu solution.

All in all a great event reaching over 4000 delegates with the message – OpenStack is a powerful choice for service providers!

Event Report: OpenStack workshop Bangalore, India

On 16th March 2013 PESIT, Bangalore, India had invited over 250 students from local engineering college in town. The agenda was spread the word of OpenStack to all the students.

One can find complete agenda of event 

All the students were asked to join an introductory OpenStack session one day in advance i.e 15th March.


Nithya Ganesan gave an overview on Tempest along with demo.  It was good to see the participation we received from the students. Next I along with Srinivas Gowda did a demo & introductory session on OpenStack Swift.




We had a nice lunch followed by demo on Keystone by Surya Prabhakar.



I would like thank Mr. Dinkar Sitaram & his team of faculty members along with the students of PES IT who organized a nice workshop.

All the slides will be uploaded on

Photos of the event are available on

To get more update on our OpenStack India related activities follow us on @openstackindia

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