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Report: June month OpenStack meetup, Bangalore , India

On 22nd June we organized a meetup in Bangalore, India

The meetup was attended by over 60 people from varied backgrounds: startups students, researchers, developers, etc

Event started with a keynote from Vijay Bellur (@vbellur) from redhat . He kicked off session with giving introduction about RDO,  then moved on to Gluster file system. It was a nice presentation & gave complete picture how and where Gluster fits in overall OpenStack project.


Rags Srinivas (@ragss ) from Rackspace gave a nice presentation followed by demo on jclouds. The demo was interesting & a lot many questions were asked & answered.

Rohit Agarwalla(@rohitagarwalla) from Cisco was next with presentation on OpenStack Neutron, he gave demo on openvSwitch & Cisco Nexus plugin. He mentioned about the roadmap & contribution from his company on the overall project.

Last session on LBaaS by Pranav Salunke(@Dguitarbite) from Aptira. He gave us overall picture of the project along with roadmap. He was youngest presenter of the day & was his first presentation on Openstack. :)

Photos & presentation of the meetup will be made available soon, our past meetup presentation slides are available

Thanks to redhat for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)


Report: June month OpenStack meetup,Chennai, India

On 8th June we organized a meetup in Chennai, India

The meetup was attended by over 33 people from varied backgrounds: startups  students, researchers, developers, etc


Event started with a keynote from T Srinivasan of Collabnet, he gave us brief description about their work on Openstack along with companies contribution to other Open Source projects.

Kavit Munshi from Aptira spoke about managing OpenStack infrastructure using Puppet, he also gave a brief description about over all OpenStack Project. It was an eye opener for first timers in the room. 

Syed Armani from Hastexo spoke about the High Availability part of OpenStack. He gave us an overall picture about what new changes were made in Grizzly release and what all are the available option for making OpenStack Highly Available.

Last session was from Yogesh Girikumar he presented about the storage options in OpenStack. He gave nice demo of OpenStack swift & answered a lot many questions.

Photos of the meetup are available

Thanks to Collabnet for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)


Report: May month OpenStack meetup,Bangalore, India

In May we organized a meetup in Bangalore, India

The meetup was attended by over 75 people from varied backgrounds: startups  students, researchers, developers, etc.


Event started with a keynote from Vamsi Kottisa of Anuta Networks, it was nice technical presentation giving overall view of what they are doing on OpenStack space.

Next was Amol Wate from Anuta Networks giving a deep dive & demo of their SDN solution which will work with OpenStack Networking.

We were for the first time got a presentation on Ceph & how it plays with OpenStack by Syed Armani from Hastexo. A lot many questions were asked & got clarified about Ceph.

Last session was from Romil Gupta from HP who spoke about the driver they have developed for RHEV along with nice demo. A lot of questions were asked and roadmap/vision for the work was also discussed.

Photos of the meetup are available

Thanks to Anuta Networks for hosting the meetup & providing us with coffee/snacks :)

Report: March month OpenStack meetup,Bangalore, India

In March a meetup was organized in Bangalore, India.

The meetup was attended by over 90 people from varied backgrounds: start-ups, students, researchers, developers, etc.

Venkata Jagana delivered the welcome and the Keynote session. He covered the breadth of Openstack, its unique development model and also introduced the “IBM SmartCloud framework” to show how IBM is leveraging Openstack. He ended the session with thoughts on how the community can help in the development of OpenStack.

Rushi Agrawal did a presentation on the Cinder protocol enhancement support for file-based storage. I would love to see this feature landing inside Cinder soon. :)


In his session, “Openstack Security”, Sreekanth Iyer covered the keystone workflow & current security implementation. He drove the discussion around the current drawbacks in the security model and proposed a way forward to make the existing security model more robust.


Akshay MS & Suhas Mohan did a presentation about Hadoop on Openstack. Akshay and Suhas are students at PESIT College. They are working on Hadoop on OpenStack as a project for “Center for Cloud computing and Big data”, dept of CSE, PESIT. They answered numerous questions from the audience.



Slides are available here:

Photos of the event are available here:

Thanks to IBM India for hosting and sponsoring the meetup and for the Pizzas. Thanks to Prem Karat & team for their co-ordinated efforts for realizing the meetup.

Also video of this meetup will be uploaded soon on our OpenStack Youtube channel, thanks to NetApp folks for helping us on this.

Event Report: OpenStack workshop Bangalore, India

On 16th March 2013 PESIT, Bangalore, India had invited over 250 students from local engineering college in town. The agenda was spread the word of OpenStack to all the students.

One can find complete agenda of event 

All the students were asked to join an introductory OpenStack session one day in advance i.e 15th March.


Nithya Ganesan gave an overview on Tempest along with demo.  It was good to see the participation we received from the students. Next I along with Srinivas Gowda did a demo & introductory session on OpenStack Swift.




We had a nice lunch followed by demo on Keystone by Surya Prabhakar.



I would like thank Mr. Dinkar Sitaram & his team of faculty members along with the students of PES IT who organized a nice workshop.

All the slides will be uploaded on

Photos of the event are available on

To get more update on our OpenStack India related activities follow us on @openstackindia

Report: January month OpenStack meetup,Bangalore, India

In January we organized a meetup in Bangalore, India.

The meetup was attended by over 75 people with different background start-up/students/researchers/MNC/Developers.

We started the meetup with general introductory session followed by few minutes session on OpenStack project and components.

Divakar Padiyar gave presentation on Cloud inventory, monitoring and alerting using HealthNMon

Nithya, Sarad and Suresh presented Introduction to Tempest along with nice demo.

Dinkar Sitaram and his students/faculty gave a presentation on Federated Keystone.

Chandan Dutta gave a presentation on OpenStack Quantum.

Anantha Padmanabhan gave presentation on VMware compute driver along with demo.

Slides are available

Photos of the event are available

Thanks to HP India for hosting/sponsoring the meetup/lunch  and  Bharat Ram, Srinivasa Acharya &  Himanshu Dwivedi for coordinating us on this.


Event Report: OpenStack Day, Bangalore, India

On past Saturday, 15th December OpenStack India organized a one day event in Bangalore.

The event was attended by over 120 people from varied domains.

We started our session with Mark Collier video presentation in which he spoke about OpenStack project and about the foundation. The video is available on youtube as well OpenStack Introductory video

Next we had Tristan Goode from Aptira spoke about the Global Impact of OpenStack. The talk was interesting with some thoughts added as how whole OpenStack project has changed the cloud computing market.

Anand Palanisamy from PayPal gave an overview how they are using OpenStack in production with tool set and stack. There were many interesting questions asked regarding there production environment.

Ritesh Nanda from Ericsson was next and he presented how they are using OpenStack in telecommunication domain.


Barath Ram G from HP spoke about “Nova for Physicalization and Virtualization compute models”  He gave various insight on the upcoming features in nova with Grizzly release.

During lunch we also played dope&stack which was cheered by the crowd and we ended up playing it in loop for almost 20 mins during lunch. :)

Divyanshu Verma from DELL spoke about OpenStack and business of cloud. He provided some used case and insight with how educational institution can use cloud.


Krishnan Subramanian from Rishidot research presented “The importance of OpenStack – An Outsider Perspective”

Prakash Advani from Canonical spoke about OpenStack and Ubuntu.

Lastly we had panel discussion and as per Krishnan suggestion we had some spicy question for all our panelists.

We donated the collected registration money to Akshayapatra foundation and we been told the money we collected will feed 30 children via there NGO initiative for a year.

Also thanks to Aptira, OpenStack Foundation and Rackspace helping us with sponsorship.

All the slides for the event is available on Slideshare  , Our upcoming events are already listed on meetup page  and twitter will carry other interesting announcements we have lined up. :)

Announcing OpenStack Day 15 December, Bangalore India

We are pleased to announce that on 15th December 2012 we are Organizing 1 day event on OpenStack  in Bangalore India.

We have limited 120 seats so kindly register at The nominal entry fee you pay will be donated to NGO.

Event Schedule is up now

Key take away :–

1. OpenStack foundation and what it means for the OpenStack project.

2. Used case from people who are using it in production.

3. Independent analyst take on OpenStack

4. Indian start-ups using OpenStack and building solutions around it.

5. Reshape your career with OpenStack.

6. Panel discussion

Kindly spread the word about the same. :)

Special thanks to Our Sponsors Aptira, Rackspace and OpenStack foundation.


Report: November month OpenStack meetup, India

In India we  organized two meetups in month of November. On was held in New Delhi and another one in Bangalore.


OpenStack meetup, Delhi, November 17, 2012

The event was attended by over 25 people with different background start-up/students/researchers/MNC/Developers

Kavit Munshi spoke on Keystone and did a demo of same.

Syed Armani spoke about Nova internal and Quantum.

Satyakaam Goswami did a devstack demo.

Thanks to the Faculty of Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia for the venue.

OpenStack meetup, Bangalore, November 25, 2012

The event was attended over 50 people with different background start-up/students/researchers/MNC/Developers. We had great discussion over all along with the presentations and demo.

Divyanshu Verma spoke and did demo of Crowbar an orchestration tool for OpenStack.

Kavit Munshi spoke about the optimization of nova and KVM.

Srinivasa Acharya spoke the folsom to grizzly road map.

Photos for the event are

Thanks to DELL R&D, Bangalore for hosting this meetup. Last not the least Pizza and Drinks were sponsored jointly by Aptira and NetApp.

Slides of all our meetups will be posted on and we are also on twitter with




OpenStack Day, Bangalore, India

OpenStack Day one complete day on OpenStack as a parallel track was organized on 14th Oct in Bangalore at OSIDays event.


OpenStack developers/contributors across India participated and spoke/presented on various OpenStack components. The event was attended by over 60 enthusiastic people with different domains from entrepreneurs, start-ups, technology solution architects to students. Speakers covered most of the topics including Swift, Ceilometer, Quantum, Devstack, Keystone, HEAT, Juju & MaaS.

Slides of event can be found here. Photos of the event can be found here. We also had a open house discussion with how to contribute upstream as Syed Armani in beginning presented a session how to contribute to OpenStack project and the discussion turned into an exciting Q/A session.

I would specially like to thank Divyanshu Verma from DELL for helping us in getting the venue finalized and Kavit Munshi from Aptira for sponsoring lunch.  Also special thanks to the organizers of OSIdays for letting us use there venue for day long event/session on OpenStack. Thanks to Hardik we got lots of Ubuntu goodies as well to distribute during the event to our participants. :D

We are looking forward to keep the momentum going, stay tuned for more exciting announcements soon. :)

Last but not the least DELL, HP, NetApps, RedHat others offered us venue for upcoming meetups which means arranging a venue is no more an issue to us for our monthly meetups. What we would also like to have is to get speakers from these participating organizations. :)

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