We Did It: Zero to Book in Five Days

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Call me crazy, call me maybe, but we did it! We have a 50,000 word book, 230 pages long, now available for download in your favorite ebook format, or purchase a printed copy if you like the no-batteries-required version. Go to http://docs.openstack.org/ops/ to get a copy and watch a video we made on day four…. Read more »

Let’s Get this Started!

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I went to college in Indianapolis as one of the fine Butler Bulldogs. Each spring the Indy 500 car race is a celebrated event. On Labor Day weekend, the call for the engines to start is made by stating “Gentlemen, start your engines!” When female drivers are competing, the call becomes “Lady and Gentlemen…” or… Read more »

Welcome New Outreach Program for Women Interns

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Ever notice that sliced pineapple looks a bit like a yellow OpenStack logo? Since pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, I think we’ve foreshadowed how welcoming our community is. With a flurry of applications, we had a difficult decision in front of us, deciding who would be our newest mentored contributors through the GNOME Outreach… Read more »

Starter docs and articles

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I wanted to send a note out to discuss the growth of all the starter docs and “articles” on a particular topic. Thanks all who are sending these as links to the mailing list or tweeting ’em. We are listening. The doc team has been discussing ways to ensure we help people find what they… Read more »

OpenStack Talk hosted by the Computer Society of India Pune Chapter

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This is a guest post from Devdatta Kulkarni. Thanks Dev for sharing! The Computer Society of India (CSI) Pune chapter organized an OpenStack talk with me, Racker Devdatta Kulkarni, on Saturday January 21, 2012 from 5.00 pm – 6.30 pm. Approximately 35 people attended. The audience primarily consisted of people with a technical background. Technology… Read more »

Hacking on Ebooks

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Gentlemen prefer PDF, according to Tim O’Reilly’s data from Rough Cuts five years ago. At OpenStack we see some preference for PDF, though there are three times as many visits to the HTML version of our Compute Admin manual. Still, the PDF version of the guide is downloaded about five times a day. I do… Read more »

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

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Ada Lovelace day, October 7th, is a day for bloggers to write a story about an inspirational influence in their life in technology. For me, there were two influential woman in my life as an undergraduate chemistry student in the early 90s at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. One was my first college chemistry professor,… Read more »

Documentation Contributors Styling Ts

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Why give your time and efforts to an online community? Researchers like Peter Kollock have identified and studied reasons for people to contribute to online communities. I try to keep the basic principles of online participation in mind for documentation contributors all the time, and find ways to recognize the people making a difference with… Read more »

OpenStack Documentation Blitz

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I had a great idea come across my radar this week – a Documentation Blitz! I’ve been working on case studies for a second edition of my book, Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation, and in one of the case studies from Sarah Maddox at Atlassian, I uncovered a gem of an idea…. Read more »