OpenStack Foundation

Tomorrow at the OpenStack Conference in Boston, Lew Moorman will discuss Rackspace’s intention to form an OpenStack Foundation in 2012, which will be responsible for Project Governance and ownership of the OpenStack trademark.  This marks a major milestone in the evolution of OpenStack as a movement to establish the industry standard for cloud software.

Rackspace, NASA, and over 20 other companies launched OpenStack in July of 2010 with the goal of building the ubiquitous open source cloud operating system.  In just over a year, the community has grown to over 100 organizations all over the globe, producing 4 software releases in a short period of time.  A founding goal was to grow the community well beyond Rackspace, both in terms of code contributions, and users.  As we approach 2012, those goals are within reach. Some recent highlights:

  • Code contributions are coming from a broad group.  For example, in a recent Diablo milestone 12 features were contributed by developers from 8 different companies.
  • The number of companies and organizations backing OpenStack is now well over 110, including industry giants such as Cisco, HP, and Dell.
  • OpenStack start ups are also being funded at an amazing rate, including Piston and Nebula, both founded by ex-NASA folks who helped create OpenStack and are now leading companies around it, and Techstars recently announced an incubator program for Cloud start ups focused on OpenStack.
  • User adoption is really taking off, and we’ll be hearing from MercardoLibre, CERN, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Fidelity, Disney, and NeCTAR tomorrow during the OpenStack Conference in Boston.

Rackspace will be gathering feedback from others in the community on the best structure and processes to adopt as the OpenStack Foundation is established in 2012, starting with a Town Hall session tomorrow during the OpenStack Conference in Boston.  You can also share your thoughts by sending an email to [email protected]

OpenStack is poised for an even bigger year in 2012, with so much passion from an amazing group of people across the globe and an independent OpenStack foundation.  The promise of a vendor-neutral, truly open cloud standard is within reach.  By doing this important work together, as a community, we can achieve something much bigger with a lasting impact on the future of computing.