Q2 2011 Community Health Statistics

Welcome to the end of Q2 2011 and the start of Q3 2011 (at least by my calendar). I like to share the quarter by quarter growth of a variety of community health-points with the broader community so everyone can see where the community is heading. If you have other ideas for metrics to monitor please contact me at [email protected].

End of Q2 2011 Data

Measurement Q1 2011 Q2 2011
Number of registered developers 165 217
# entities in a formal relationship 62 80
# technology releases 1 (Bexar) 1 (Cactus)
# attendees at Design Summit 350 (Santa Clara, CA) 350 (Santa Clara, CA)
# members Facebook OpenStack group 319 587
# members LinkedIn OpenStack group 395 908
# members Ohloh Swift group 25 26
# members Ohloh Nova group 98 122
# of members announce mailing list 1144 1338

Totals Data

Measurement Q1 2011 Q2 2011
# visitors to OpenStack.org website 128,343 189,056
# pageviews to OpenStack.org website 293,892 452,502
# #openstack tweets 876* 4,112

* Missing 4 weeks of data due to measuring tool issue

I am also tracking several data points (bugs, blueprints, etc) that I publish in the OpenStack Wiki at http://wiki.openstack.org/WeeklyNewsletter.



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